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As we look to the future, and see recovery in sight, it is important that we begin to prepare now, for what in this writer’s opinion, will be an even stronger recovery than the past one. With that said, once our production facilities are back in full swing, our priorities will shift from that of “pure survival” back to measuring productivity, on-time shipments, profit margins, reducing lead-time, eliminating mounds of paperwork, and in general improving efficiencies within the operation.

So if we are ready now, we need to rethink the traditional mindset of: "We can’t do it now because we are tight on cash.” Because if we don’t, then the next thing we will be saying is: “We can’t do it now because we are too busy!”

I believe we as suppliers need to be sensitive to our customer’s situation and offer our customers options on how to make investments in their facilities without a significant initial investment in cash. We need to have flexible payment options so they can be tailored to an individual customer’s situation, while at the same time remaining fair to all of our customers whether they are prospective or current. Our business depends upon your business, and it is in both our interest that we work together in both the good times and the rough times.
At Guardian we always put our customers first! Please give us a call and let us help your business get ready for the future!
Stephan J. Hoppe

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